Automated Destination Itineraries are now a reality!

Ever felt overwhelmed planning your day in a foreign city? Imagine you are on a solo trip, and you have to plan everything by yourself starting from looking for a breakfast place. You don’t want to spend too much, want to optimise your travel time; don\’t want to end up walking a lot or taking […]

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How to Manage Your Travel Company in Times of Crisis?

One of the bare truths with which travel agents have to function is that a crisis can hit their travel company at any time. We all witnessed what transpired during the Covid-19 pandemic period from early 2020 to the middle of 2021. Widespread panic and loss of life had set a chain reaction that saw […]

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10 Questions To Ask While Choosing A Tour Operator Software For Yourself

Owning and operating a travel company successfully is far more difficult than the naked eye can see. A lot goes on behind the hosting and the organising of tour packages. There is so much one has to put into the enterprise – an entire administration apparatus, swift communication channels, and arduous business-related miscellaneous errands. To […]

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How to Get Organic Leads for Your Travel Business?

While dealing with the proposition of ‘how to get organic leads’, you have to keep in mind that generating organic leads for one’s travel business is not as easy as it may sound. But when you get the hang of it, it would most certainly help your business to grow at a rapid pace. In […]

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How to Create Customised Packages for Clients in 5 Minutes?

As someone who is running a travel company, you should master the art of creating customised packages for your customers at a lightning pace. To reach that level of expertise, you need to get your basics of the trade right first. Since it has become common knowledge that more and more customers are shifting towards […]

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How to Create Your Own Travel Booking Portal in 15 Minutes?

The global travel and tourism industry has been seeing a boom in the last few years. People in every nook and corner of the world are keener than ever to see what a different part of the planet looks and feels like. Under these circumstances, travel portals such as Airbnb and have made huge […]

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How to Use “Bookings Aborted” Data in the Pathfndr Backend to Get Sales?

The issue of cart abandonment is rampant and persistent in the world of online purchases. However, the abandonment of bookings in the travel industry margins out all types of online purchases with a high bookings aborted rate.  In recent times, customer behavior in the travel industry has been more difficult to track than ever. Especially […]

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A Comprehensive Check-list for Booking Travel Agents

We look forward to a vacation far away on some exotic island or a jungle safari only when the daily chores of everyday life and the crushing deadlines weigh a bit too heavily on our shoulders.  For most of us, vacations are a prime time to relax, to forget about booking checklists and to-do lists, […]

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7 Distribution Channels To Maximize Your Travel Bookings

As the travel and tourism industry regains its growth momentum, the conversion rate of travel enthusiasts to customers remains pretty high. And existing customers are of course looking out for better travel and tourism options. While the travel industry is placed on the hot seat of growth, restrategizing on the various distribution channels that a […]

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Why “Welcome Home” Emails Are A Great Marketing Tool For Travel Agents?

Want to upgrade your marketing game to make your existing customers remain loyal? Keep scrolling as we tell you about a secret tool called ‘welcome home emails’. If you too are like any other travel agent, you too must be working your fingers to the bone figuring out top-notch marketing strategies to grab new customers […]