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10 Questions To Ask While Choosing A Tour Operator Software For Yourself

Owning and operating a travel company successfully is far more difficult than the naked eye can see. A lot goes on behind the hosting and the organising of tour packages. There is so much one has to put into the enterprise – an entire administration apparatus, swift communication channels, and arduous business-related miscellaneous errands. To […]

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Automation 101 for Travel Agents: How To Do More With Less?

The travel and tourism industry has experienced a big boost in the last few years. Even the doom and lull of the Covid-19 pandemic have not been able to stall the progress of the sector for far too long. That being said, it is a well-known fact that travel companies routinely face a humongous amount […]

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How to Increase Your Email Open Rates for Travel Business Owners?

What if we tell you that out of all forms of marketing email marketing gives back the loftiest return on investment (ROI)? The average return that one gets through email marketing stands at a staggering 36 USD per dollar spent. This figure is clearly very impressive, especially if you are owning a small to mid-level […]

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5 Lead Generation Platforms For Travel Agents

In the past few years, the travel industry, like many other industries, has undergone a transformation typically led by expansive digitisation. Over the years, travel has interestingly become one of the top 5 services that were accessed digitally. There has interestingly been a growing inclination of both customers and travel service providers towards digital platforms […]

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7 Distribution Channels To Maximize Your Travel Bookings

As the travel and tourism industry regains its growth momentum, the conversion rate of travel enthusiasts to customers remains pretty high. And existing customers are of course looking out for better travel and tourism options. While the travel industry is placed on the hot seat of growth, restrategizing on the various distribution channels that a […]

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5 Ways To Make Free Logo For Your Travel Agency

If you are part of the travel industry, you must know that it is a hugely competitive space. If you want to stand out, you will need to have a strong brand. One of the most critical tasks that you can do at the outset of your big project is to create an attractive logo […]

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How To Maintain A Customer Database In Your Travel Agency

In all types of industries worldwide, handling customer data safely is of utmost priority. After all, with such information, businesses can easily make data-driven decisions as well. In fact, many famous travel organizations are already accessing their database to create personalized ads and products. But before using this data as an asset, it’s important that […]

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Do You Need a Travel Agency CRM? And How to Choose One?

Customers are the spine of any business, including travel consultants and travel agencies. With the proper use of suitable technologies, travel businesses can attain the next level of growth by fostering happy customers. Travel CRM systems significantly perk up customer holding.  Travel Agency CRM is software that allows you to smoothen various operations such as […]

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12 Tips For Travel Agents To Prepare For Peak Season

With the road bustling with cars, hotel rooms packed with laughter and restaurants filled with the aromas of flavourful dishes, the peak season can infuse a new-found energy in the tourism industry. Though the peak season can be as hectic as it is exhilarating. Therefore, this article will expand on a few tips for travel […]

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Role Of a Tour Operator In Travel Industry

There has been an estimate that the market size of the tour operators industry will grow by 57.2% in the year 2022. The industry is continuously supported by eminent tour operators. As new players are emerging in the market, it is natural to expect further growth in the industry. The role of tour operator in […]