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Automation 101 for Travel Agents: How To Do More With Less?

The travel and tourism industry has experienced a big boost in the last few years. Even the doom and lull of the Covid-19 pandemic have not been able to stall the progress of the sector for far too long. That being said, it is a well-known fact that travel companies routinely face a humongous amount of pressure while trying to cope with the demands of the ever-increasing traffic to their web portals.

It is no wonder then that travel agencies around the world are seeking to introduce automation 101 for their entire operations management. This will not only ensure that the agencies are run at a better pace, but it will also allow them to compete with the frontrunners in the industry.

Along with large travel sector enterprises, even smaller entrepreneurs and part-time travel workers are also steadily drifting towards the automation of their organisations.

We are well aware that these days most of the work associated with the travel and tourism sector, such as buying and selling tickets and booking hotel rooms, can be done effortlessly over the internet. However, people still rely on travel agencies for the same purposes without blinking an eye. You must have browsed the internet in search of great offers from travel companies yourself.

These tasks are now performed on smartphones from the comfort of one’s couch. But as we have mentioned before, getting the assistance of travel agents is considered an integral part of the entire travel-related experience. One of the chief reasons for this can be traced to the complicated travel itineraries one has to deal with during the whole planning process. In general, very few people will find the time to spend hours going through the nitty-gritty of a particular tour plan.

This is where the travel agency makes a grand entry. And to ensure the agents have it easy on their front, travel companies are relying more and more on automaton 101.

Advantages of Automation 101

Switching to full automation of the operations segment of the travel business can pay huge dividends to the travel agent. One of the most beneficial aspects of accepting automation 101 in one’s enterprise is the ability to cut costs from the agency’s annual expenditures. This is because automation makes the keeping of human hands in certain areas redundant.

In other words, there are jobs that are essential in the functioning of a travel agency that do not need the presence of a human being in front of the computer anymore. These can be done to the same level of accuracy by turning to automation 101. Some even believe that automation produces results that are of better quality than that produced by actual humans.

Even though some of you may consider this transition to machines as unethical and biassed, travel agencies usually go with the same approach to stay afloat in a highly competitive market.

Workflows and Automations: How Travel Companies Optimise the Two

While taking cognisance of a typical travel agency’s day-to-day functions, it is worthwhile to note how often it has to deal with a bundle of workflow obstacles. These roadblocks are mainly centred on regular bookings, the creation of itineraries, confirmation of services, notification of service updates, and the like.

Over the past few years, travel agencies have already integrated automation in a number of segments of their organisational structure. Let us have a look at the areas where automation 101 is bringing credible changes on the whole to travel agencies.

Firstly, automation is helping travel agencies ensure automatic PNR integration in their back-office apparatus. Without the help of automation 101, it would have taken a person to do the same manually for a longer period of time.

Secondly, automation enables the organisation structure to better integrate custom remarks originating from the source, that is the client. It then stores the information in perfect order in the back office. Information pertaining to the details of a customer, such as a name and identification number of the client, the file number, and the cost centre.

Thirdly, once travel agents choose automation, they are able to speed up the efficiency of the programmable keys that are used to execute critical commands. The moment automation 101 reduces the number of clicks on a computer set, it naturally brings down the total time invested in a particular set of tasks. When travel agents multiply this phenomenon over several desks, they see remarkable growth in overall productivity in the chain of command.

When it comes to PNR rules, automation can no doubt decrease the complications witnessed during the transmission of essential data from one side to the other. With automation ensuring that all the PNR rules attached to a travel agency are carefully updated in the operations system, it makes way for each constituent member of the agency to follow the guidelines closely in every instance. A clear view of the rules and regulations allows travel agents working for the company to adhere closely to the established code.

Fourthly, one of the best ways in which automation 101 ramps up a business of a travel agency is by enabling the corporate sector to make better use of their travel options. With the help of automation, a person heading a travel agency will be able to use corporate booking tools (CBTs) such as Concur, KDS, and TTS Corporate, to support a corporate client in managing their travel itineraries.

These CBTs, along with an automated operations system, will not only allow corporate clients to find the services that you are offering, but it will also see more potential clients arriving at your doorstep. This will happen to owe to your dependence less on manual work, rather than a completely automated system.

The Future of Automation 101 in the Travel Industry

Automation has laid the foundation of a mini-revolution in the travel and tourism sector, owing to its formula of allowing sub-agencies the liberty to fulfil ticketing solutions of clients. This is also known as the consolidation business, where many IATA agencies give permission to non-IATA agencies to book travel tickets.

This exercise is supported by a host of ticketing software available these days online. But they can only work properly when your organisation setup is already functioning with automation 101. By having strong ticketing software doing the job of displaying live ticket prices and hotel rates, your travel company will give subagents the chance to purchase services from your agency without the need to waste time contacting someone from your office. It can all be done at a real pace when the gaps lingering between your primary agency and the several sub-agencies are filled up to the maximum.

Another benefit that the parent organisation will accrue out of integrating automation with strong ticketing software is the chance to have total peace with credit control. So, without having to worry about the ups and downs of the price market, you will be at ease with automation running the show in your absence to pinpoint accuracy.

Automated 101 and Tour Packages Follow-Ups

You may be having a cartload of travel packages up for sale on your travel agency website. But, you are well aware that not all of those packages will see people buying them at the end of the day. In light of this, it becomes necessary for all travel agencies to have a mechanism that will track the end result of a displayed travel package.

This form of automated follow-up process will keep all the records of the agency in top condition, and will also allow the company’s top brass to understand in which areas they have to get more work to be done. With automation’s aid, keeping a track of computer-generated follow-ups becomes all the more easy and fast.

In an ever-changing world, the travel industry has had its share of tough challenges to face. With most industries moving away from the manual workforce to automated systems, travel agencies have begun the identical transition in their field.

It is high time that travel agents and the companies they are working for become aware of the potential that Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation 101 hold for the future of the industry. In a rapidly fast-moving world, automation is the only way that will keep your travel company on par with the global giants.

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