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How Influencer Marketing is Helping Travel Companies Grow

The marketing industry is prone to changes due to a number of external factors. Along with it, novel methods of communication and delivery of brand services over the internet are also making their entry into the fray.  One of the newest forms of online marketing is ‘influencer marketing’, which is proving to be a very effective […]

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Create Videos for your Travel Business with a Modest Budget

Making travel videos for one’s travel business is not an easy affair. One has to consider a budget for the same. And in many instances, someone just starting out with their travel agency does not find themselves in a position to spend a lot of money. But that does not mean that you can stop […]

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10 Questions To Ask While Choosing A Tour Operator Software For Yourself

Owning and operating a travel company successfully is far more difficult than the naked eye can see. A lot goes on behind the hosting and the organising of tour packages. There is so much one has to put into the enterprise – an entire administration apparatus, swift communication channels, and arduous business-related miscellaneous errands. To […]

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SEO Blog Post Checklist for Travel Businesses

Blogs are potent devices to raise awareness around any business, be it in the travel and tourism industry or otherwise. They help travel agencies garner newer clients and audiences. But in order to achieve propulsion and online visibility, your content has to have the right ingredients. This is where this Pathfndr article can help you, […]

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How to Increase Your Email Open Rates for Travel Business Owners?

What if we tell you that out of all forms of marketing email marketing gives back the loftiest return on investment (ROI)? The average return that one gets through email marketing stands at a staggering 36 USD per dollar spent. This figure is clearly very impressive, especially if you are owning a small to mid-level […]

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10 Important Metrics in the Pathfndr Backend and How You Can Use Them

Managing the backend of a travel business website requires going through extensive data collected from website users. This swathe of information needs to be well organized into segments so that it becomes useful for a better travel business analysis. Over time, the data collected and segmented can significantly contribute to creating future business strategies as […]

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How to Generate Sales Through Referral Programs for Travel Businesses?

As the online presence in the travel space has increased, so has the need to update your travel business via new strategies. One of the novel approaches in today’s market is the system of referrals.  A referral programme is a technique where a company finds and contacts consumers who appreciate or adore its brand and […]

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How to Create the Right Name for Your Tourism Business?

Choosing the right name for your business can be a challenging but crucial task. A good business name can help to establish your brand, attract customers, and build credibility and trust. However, finding the right name for business is not always easy, and it’s important to carefully consider all the factors that may affect your […]

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5 Lead Generation Platforms For Travel Agents

In the past few years, the travel industry, like many other industries, has undergone a transformation typically led by expansive digitisation. Over the years, travel has interestingly become one of the top 5 services that were accessed digitally. There has interestingly been a growing inclination of both customers and travel service providers towards digital platforms […]

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Top Paid & Free SEO Tools For Travel Businesses

Optimizing the travel website and making the most of digital opportunities to promote business is a critical aspect necessary for digital and overall success of a travel operator. The ever-growing opportunities available today to tap the digital space can be leveraged for travel business success with the help of various SEO tools available today. Manual […]