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How To Maintain A Customer Database In Your Travel Agency

In all types of industries worldwide, handling customer data safely is of utmost priority. After all, with such information, businesses can easily make data-driven decisions as well. In fact, many famous travel organizations are already accessing their database to create personalized ads and products. But before using this data as an asset, it’s important that […]

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Whatsapp Marketing For Travel Agency To Increase Sales

When you think about sending a message to a close friend, which app do you go for? For more than 70% of smartphone users globally, WhatsApp is the first-choice messaging app. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app among smartphone users in the present digital landscape by miles. In other words, to most mobile phone […]

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7 Ways To Scale Your Travel Business For Small Companies

For any travel business in the world, the start of the journey is one of the most fascinating phases. However, to scale your travel business from there, you must go through various challenges and make tough decisions. In fact, scaling is one of the most challenging aspects of the process as they lie in areas […]

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10 SEO Tips For Travel Agency Websites

In today’s business world, it’s quite impossible to achieve success without having a clear and smart digital marketing strategy. And when it comes to the travel industry, the importance of SEO and other marketing aspects is much more vital than our imagination.  Given today’s internet is filled with millions of online travel agencies, nobody wants […]

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Top 10 Trends For Travel Agencies In 2023

Each new season calls for new trends. And because demands and interests keep fluctuating, trends can be overwhelmingly unpredictable. These crowd-pivoting changes are a result of multiple factors. However, one of the major reasons for new trends is new technological advancements, and inevitably, these sensational quests also impact the travel industry.  So, as a travel […]

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12 Tips To Attract More Customers To Your Travel Agency

Be it a travel agency or any other business, hunting for new customers will never end. You might have even built a solid and loyal customer base, but attracting more customers is the only way to scale a business. So, how to attract more customers to a travel agency? We all know that the simple […]

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5 SMS Templates For Travel Agencies To Get More Sales

Constant communication is in demand in today’s rapidly moving world. A travel agency’s work doesn’t end with selling tour packages to their customers. In fact, it’s the beginning of consistent communication with your customers in order to not only resolve their queries but also retain your targeted audience. In order to carry out quick conversations, […]

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30 Mind Blowing Travel Facts You Haven’t Heard Of

Even in this age of instant downloads and information overload, we bet you are unaware of the mind-boggling travel facts we carefully curated for you from our resource pool. From the nook and corner of the planet, Pathfndr has brought you 30 sensational travel trivia that will make you sit back and exclaim with a […]

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Why Should Travel Agencies Get An Insurance

As travelers, we have always heard about the importance of getting travel insurance before the trip. After all, these insurance plans can financially cover various kinds of risks, including flight cancellation, medical emergencies, etc. Similarly, it’s equally important to get insurance for travel agency as well.  While it may sound a bit unnecessary at first, […]