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10 SEO Tips For Travel Agency Websites

In today’s business world, it’s quite impossible to achieve success without having a clear and smart digital marketing strategy. And when it comes to the travel industry, the importance of SEO and other marketing aspects is much more vital than our imagination. 

Given today’s internet is filled with millions of online travel agencies, nobody wants to waste their time on content that’s not beneficial. So, what can we possibly do to attract customers’ attention and bring them to your travel website? What’s the meaning of SEO for travel agency, and how can such things help your business? 

Through this article, we will answer such questions while offering some of the most helpful SEO tips. Now, without wasting any further time, let’s get started with some basic explanations: 

What is SEO for a Travel Agency? 

Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, helps our online websites rank on top of search engine pages. And with a better SEO score and smartly planned techniques, you can start outperforming your competitors and gain maximum reach for your business. But how does it help today’s travel agencies? 

Similar to any other industry, the travel business has also managed to become digital by offering end-to-end services online on the internet. And once an aspirant traveler reaches your website, your homepage should clarify your brand, services, and how they can book a tour with you. 

Despite being a simple and effective tool, SEO for travel agency can bring a lot of complications. While the correct methods can put you at the top, any suspicious activity can also lower your website’s current rank. So, how exactly should we use it, then? Let’s find out through the following SEO tips: 

Understand the Power of Keywords

The first term that you will get to hear since day one is undoubtedly going to be ‘keywords.’ And what defines a keyword? Any text we put while searching a query on the internet is considered a keyword. And while setting up SEO for travel agency, determining the right keywords should be your priority. 

Above all, make sure you are targeting keywords that are only related to travel ventures and not some other markets. To check possible competition for each keyword or result, travel agencies can rely on various famous tools such as Google Search Console, Ahrefs, SEMrush, etc. 

Keep It Friendly For Mobile-Users

Around 59% of the global web traffic comes from smartphone users only. As a result, it becomes quite crucial for any travel agency to keep their website mobile-friendly. Apart from having a modern web design, make sure all web pages are designed for mobile views as well. Moreover, fast loading and removal of unnecessary code texts or media files is another important part of SEO for travel agency

Further, make sure all the content available on your content is well-written and has easily readable text font and size. After all, you don’t want your audience getting frustrated with your site’s loading speed only to see unreadable texts.  

Carry On With The Technicality

Moving on further, the technical aspects of SEO will eventually become more and more critical for your business. While turning up SEO for travel agency, make sure to have a clear XML sitemap along with user-friendly UI and a clean URL structure. 

Feel free to rely on other additional factors, such as robots.txt, and test your website configurations regularly. Remember, to secure those rankings, you can’t let any smaller or bigger issues get in your way. 

Keep a Human To Human Approach in Content

With each day passing by, the Google algorithm keeps getting smarter and smarter. As a result, you might discover tons of blogs or ideas discussing how to break this algorithm. To keep yourself one step, make sure to write your website content first for your customers and then for search engines. 

While working on your SEO for travel agency, you’ll end up with tons of various helpful keywords. However, make sure not to overstuff such phrases in your content and keep it fresh as much as possible. 

Format Your Content Correctly

Once you have managed to write your user-friendly content, it’s time to format the content piece. You need to use H1, H2, H3 tags, etc. to make your content more SEO-driven. On the other hand, usage of images also play a major role in Google reading your content and ranking it higher.

You can also use alt text to your images, specifically with SEO keywords included in order to optimize your content.

Focus On Relevant Backlinks

One of the most helpful pieces of advice that works with backlinks is to run behind the quality rather than the quantity. While building your SEO for travel agency, it’s crucial to have relevant outbound/external as well as internal backlinks. 

To put it in simple terms, having backlinks from businesses such as hotels and car rentals would be more relevant than backlinks from sports websites, educational institutes, etc. 

Check Out Your Competitors

If the competitor websites are already outperforming you, then it gives you a great opportunity to learn from them. Similar to any other industry, SEO for travel agency also relies on tracking your competitors’ activity and techniques. 

Apart from regularly checking their ranks, make sure to keep an eye on their social media posts as well as their SEO patterns. Above all, never underestimate your competitors and keep trying to learn from their success stories too. 

Partner with Local Businesses

Some of the most recent trends on the internet have seen huge sections of the audience preferring local businesses regularly. As a result, the importance of local SEO for travel agency has grown significantly more than ever before. 

So, whenever your user searches for a travel agency in their location, make sure you are visible in their search results. While conquering such different locations, your travel agency can ultimately rank on top of the search engine result page. 

Don’t Ignore Google Algorithm Updates

Yes, it’s right to write content for your audience first and only then for search engines but do not entirely ignore the algorithm either. Every once in a while, Google tweaks its algorithm and makes it smarter than ever before. 

In such cases, it’s important to adhere to the most recent update and make sure your SEO for travel agency doesn’t include anything suspicious. To keep yourself updated with such news, Google Search Console’s Community is a quite decent place to start. 

Keep Updating and Adding More Topics

SEO for travel agency isn’t a one-time thing, as it requires a quite long grind and huge levels of patience. Remember, there’s no finish line in such ranking races, and you will have to keep improving at every step. Thus, make sure to update your published content regularly with recent updates or changes. 

On the other hand, adding a previously missed topic in your blog posts is always one of the most helpful ideas. Once done, make sure to audit your website using different tools regularly and keep checking the difference in rankings of your various web pages. 

Summarizing SEO For Travel Agency

This detailed post and helpful tips merely reach the surface of what SEO is all about. Remember, SEO for travel agency or any other business is a never-ending race that requires a high level of discipline and patience. While day-to-day challenges might leave you frustrated, the above-mentioned tips can surely give you a head start for now. 

Lastly, make sure that you have a powerful website that supports your SEO content. With the help of Pathfndr, you can develop an AI-powered website that creates a seamless booking flow for your customers. It’s now easier than ever for customers to reserve accommodation options, airport transfers as well as add exciting activities to their itinerary, thanks to Pathfndr.