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17 things for travel agents to stay relevant in the 21st Century

We’ve been hearing about the onslaught of large Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) for a couple of decades now. Undoubtedly, they have disrupted the market (for the better, I might add) by removing unnecessary friction in travel bookings. However, “offline” travel agencies that continue reinventing themselves have prospered in parallel. As a travel agent, there are […]

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How Influencer Marketing is Helping Travel Companies Grow

The marketing industry is prone to changes due to a number of external factors. Along with it, novel methods of communication and delivery of brand services over the internet are also making their entry into the fray.  One of the newest forms of online marketing is ‘influencer marketing’, which is proving to be a very effective […]

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Build Semi-Passive Income with your Travel Business

A steady flow of client associations is necessary to keep one’s travel company up and running. The quickest and most efficient way to make sure your travel agency is making good money is by clocking as many bookings as possible. The holy grail is where you are generating passive income through travel by setting up […]

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Create Videos for your Travel Business with a Modest Budget

Making travel videos for one’s travel business is not an easy affair. One has to consider a budget for the same. And in many instances, someone just starting out with their travel agency does not find themselves in a position to spend a lot of money. But that does not mean that you can stop […]

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How to Manage Your Travel Company in Times of Crisis?

One of the bare truths with which travel agents have to function is that a crisis can hit their travel company at any time. We all witnessed what transpired during the Covid-19 pandemic period from early 2020 to the middle of 2021. Widespread panic and loss of life had set a chain reaction that saw […]

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Automation 101 for Travel Agents: How To Do More With Less?

The travel and tourism industry has experienced a big boost in the last few years. Even the doom and lull of the Covid-19 pandemic have not been able to stall the progress of the sector for far too long. That being said, it is a well-known fact that travel companies routinely face a humongous amount […]

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Instagram Marketing Checklist for Travel Businesses

The travel and tourism industry is cut out for all those who are users of the social media platform Instagram. To excel in the current climate of the travel sector, one must be sufficiently able to muster an Instagram marketing checklist. This is because, in recent times, the power of social media platforms like Instagram […]

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How to Get Organic Leads for Your Travel Business?

While dealing with the proposition of ‘how to get organic leads’, you have to keep in mind that generating organic leads for one’s travel business is not as easy as it may sound. But when you get the hang of it, it would most certainly help your business to grow at a rapid pace. In […]

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SEO Blog Post Checklist for Travel Businesses

Blogs are potent devices to raise awareness around any business, be it in the travel and tourism industry or otherwise. They help travel agencies garner newer clients and audiences. But in order to achieve propulsion and online visibility, your content has to have the right ingredients. This is where this Pathfndr article can help you, […]

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How to Create Customised Packages for Clients in 5 Minutes?

As someone who is running a travel company, you should master the art of creating customised packages for your customers at a lightning pace. To reach that level of expertise, you need to get your basics of the trade right first. Since it has become common knowledge that more and more customers are shifting towards […]