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12 Tips To Attract More Customers To Your Travel Agency

Be it a travel agency or any other business, hunting for new customers will never end. You might have even built a solid and loyal customer base, but attracting more customers is the only way to scale a business. So, how to attract more customers to a travel agency? We all know that the simple […]

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How To Start A Travel Agency In The Philippines

If you always wanted to get into the travel space in the Philippines, here’s a detailed guide on how to start a travel agency in The Philippines along with a few tips.  In the post-pandemic world, the travel industry has bounced back and expanded to reach uncharted horizons.  The tourism industry in the Philippines is […]

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Email Marketing For Travel Agencies

The empowerment that travel brings to one’s personality and life in general needs no introduction. It is known to have transformed the most divergent of minds, adding new perspectives to the nonchalance of humanity.  Lately, traveling caught up quite fast among people across demographics until the setback brought in by the Covid-19 induced limitations. But […]

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Destination Search Series – Part 2: Exploring Regions

In our last post, we looked at how you can compare destinations. Figuring out which holiday spot made sense for you, based on your preferences. Of course, in this scenario, you usually have a few places in mind. But not everyone is quite so organized when it comes to upcoming holiday travel. Many a time, […]

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Destination Search Series – Part 1: Comparing Destinations

How do you compare two destinations? You’ve got some vacay time coming up and you wanna hit a beach. Cool! Which one? Your friends have told you (in Instagram-detail) about their amazing trips to Bali and the Maldives. So, one of those sounds like fun…but which one? You\’ve done a lot of research on it, […]

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When Safety Comes First, how do you Choose your Next Travel Destination?

“How safe is the place I want to visit?” When did we last (if ever) ask ourselves that question when we were planning to travel? Used to be, the most important considerations were “Should I spend this money?” and “How much time do I have?” Now, that’s further down on our list of questions. Let’s […]