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Destination Search Series – Part 1: Comparing Destinations

How do you compare two destinations?

You’ve got some vacay time coming up and you wanna hit a beach. Cool! Which one?

Your friends have told you (in Instagram-detail) about their amazing trips to Bali and the Maldives. So, one of those sounds like fun…but which one?

You\’ve done a lot of research on it, but you’re definitely going to ask those same friends to weigh in too.

Friend A will probably say, “I recommend Bali because we did this and that!” Friend B might say “You should definitely go to Phuket! We were able to do so and so there!” Friend C will naturally have a different opinion.

Well, that didn\’t really help! You’ve got a lot of information and opinions now, but no clarity.

Which brings us back to how do you compare two destinations? And what if you want to compare more than two?!?!

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What People Can’t do, A.I. Can

Like we just saw, deciding between several destinations is a monumental task for a person. There’s just too much data out there – whether you’re talking about online information or traveler opinions.

Technology (with the right algorithms), on the other hand, has the capacity to consume these gigabytes and terabytes of data and give us neat, manageable results.

With enough detail for us to understand and make a decision, without retreating to the bedroom with a cold compress for that terrible headache that’s suddenly come on!

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Ok, so tech can help you choose…right?

An interesting question comes up at this point – have you noticed that even while travel websites and trip planning services can help you build a good trip to any particular destination, they can’t actually give you a concrete comparison so that you can choose between possible destinations?

Until now.

Finally, you can Compare Destinations!

Let’s use the example we started this post with to illustrate how Pathfndr helps you choose. Let’s also make things interesting by bringing in a third destination possibility – so Maldives, Bali, and Phuket.

As with any holiday plan, we need some basic search criteria – dates, budget, etc.

And this is where the magic happens. Pathfndr’s intelligent search gathers all the millions of data points it needs to begin creating the perfect holiday for each place and then uses your specific preferences to tailor it to you.

Based on each destination’s result, it ranks the destinations in the order most suitable for you. And doesn’t that just solve a lot of problems!

Destinations ranked in order of suitability for you

And here’s a bonus tip for you: Pathfndr can help you compare destinations even when you have no idea where you want to go!

We call it our “Inspiration Search” – instead of putting in a bunch of destinations to compare, just set a limit of how far you’re willing to travel (your own country/ continent/ the entire world). We’ll put together a list of up to 12 awesome destinations for you and rank them according to suitability for you.

Making that Final Decision

Coming back to our original subject – which of these three beach heavens are you going to?

The recommendations that Pathfndr makes are driven by data; so, there’s science backing up why we’re saying Phuket is where you should go (in this particular case).

But that doesn’t mean the other two aren’t great destinations too; if you end up deciding that one of those travel packages look more fun (because holidays are always going to be a personal decision), well, then that’s the trip you should go on!

The takeaway here is that you were able to make that decision after:

  • looking at actual information on what makes these destinations great, and
  • comparing what each holiday experience would be like.

And hey, you can always visit the other places on future holiday trips, right?