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Destination Search Series – Part 2: Exploring Regions

In our last post, we looked at how you can compare destinations.

Figuring out which holiday spot made sense for you, based on your preferences. Of course, in this scenario, you usually have a few places in mind.

But not everyone is quite so organized when it comes to upcoming holiday travel.

Many a time, we start with an idea like “I’d like to go to the Mediterranean.” And that’s not a bad starting point at all!

In this post, we’ll look at how you can find the perfect destination for your next holiday when you\’re beginning from just that kind of not-yet-fully-defined desire.

Just Because you Don’t Know Where it is, Doesn’t Mean you Can’t go There

Unless you’re really well-traveled (or you’re very enthusiastic about geography and maps), you may not know which country falls into which region, off the top of your head.

And when we say “region”, we mean broad areas like the Baltic region, Micronesia, or Nordic countries, rather than the more typical continent perspective.

Take our Mediterranean situation…other than Greece, which other countries are considered the Mediterranean? And when it comes to Greece itself – does all of Greece fall into this or just some of it?

The point is, not knowing what a region entails shouldn\’t stop you from seriously considering it for your next holiday.

Scanning a Region with Pathfndr

Agreed, researching possible destinations earlier could only happen if you had a destination in mind.

But, like we said, just having a general area in mind is good enough now if you’ve got the right tools to help you.

Pathfndr’s intelligent search is that tool.

Now that you’ve got a portion of the world selected, you still need to figure out what your potential destinations are and which one(s) appeal to you.

Unlike the comparison search, which is limited to just the destinations you have selected, a regional scan will find you the best destinations in that region, depending on what kind of holiday experience you’re looking for, and then rank them for suitability.

MeTripping Mediterranean Region Scan
Mediterranean Region Scan

In the case of our Mediterranean scan, where we were looking for a relaxing, week-long getaway, what we’ve found are 12 ranked choices covering cities in Greece, Cyprus, Egypt, and Turkey.

Opening any of these individual trips will then give a detailed look at the best flight to get there, the right hotel, and the things you can do to fill your time there.

Technically speaking, this isn’t drastically different from our Inspiration Search.

The dividing line? In the Inspiration Search, your choice of destinations is as wide or limited as you want it to be; in a regional scan, you get the best choices within specified geographic boundaries.

But in both scenarios, you get up to 12 incredible options that you can closely examine, and figure out which one tugs at your travel lust the most.

And then it’s book, pack, and go!