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5 SMS Templates For Travel Agencies To Get More Sales

Constant communication is in demand in today’s rapidly moving world. A travel agency’s work doesn’t end with selling tour packages to their customers. In fact, it’s the beginning of consistent communication with your customers in order to not only resolve their queries but also retain your targeted audience. In order to carry out quick conversations, SMS templates for travel agency can prove to be quite helpful. 

When it comes to last-minute changes to the plans or any issues with reservations, client dissatisfaction is to be expected and planned for. The following SMS templates can be an excellent tool in order to not only keep your customers updated with any alterations happening to the plans but to also help them navigate through these issues. Not to mention, text messaging is often short and crisp, perfect for a quick read for people who are always on the go. 

Let’s discuss a few of the advantages of having SMS templates for travel agency:

Advantages of Sending SMS Templates to Your Customers

If you are planning to include SMS templates in your marketing plan, then this step could prove to be quite fruitful for your business. Here are some benefits of having SMS templates for travel agency:

  • Sending out SMS messages is surprisingly affordable when it comes to marketing holiday packages. It is possible to transmit all of the required information to the audience with only a few words.
  • It has been demonstrated that the use of SMS templates for travel agency can boost audience participation as well as retention rates.
  • SMS service offers the highest possible level of both speed and dependability, in addition to delivering an experience that is truly unique.
  • This service can help the customers in keeping up with all the alterations happening.
  • You can attach links to SMS in order to make it easier for customers to have access to the various vacation packages and other services that your company provides.
  • Sending consumers text messages about their travel bookings, whether it be for a hotel room or a flight, can be an effective way to keep them informed while also putting them at ease.

5 SMS Templates For Travel Agencies To Get More Sales

If you’d like to start generating more sales for your business, then we have listed down 5 SMS templates for travel agency that you can use right away in order to reach out to your customers. You can customize these templates as per your need and start reaching out to your audience to generate more sales.

1. Let your customers know about the discounted flights

Airline companies often offer exciting deals on their flight tickets on special occasions and festivals, allowing customers to book their flights at cheaper rates. Generally, such discounts are available for a limited period of time so it is better to get the word out as quickly as possible. An SMS serves as the perfect way to deliver a quick message to your customers about such discounted flights. We have created one of the SMS templates for travel agency that you can use in order to keep your customers updated about discounted flights.

Hello [First Name],

Mind-blowing discount on <Airline Name> flights! 

Book your flight to [destination] for INR 000. 

Only limited seats are available. 

More details on <link>.

Book your flight tickets today!

[Travel Agency Name]

2. Keep your customers aware of last-minute travel deals 

You can host several last-minute deals in order to sell your packages as soon as possible. In fact, on special events, you can feature such deals in order to attract more audience. One reason individuals hunt for last-minute travel deals is to cut costs. In order to update your customers about such last-minute deals, you can use the following SMS template:

Hello [First Name],

Would you like to explore the scenic beauty of [destination]? 

Then start packing your bags! We’re offering an 80% discount for all bookings to [destination].

Offer applicable for the next 48 hours. 

Find out more about it here: <Link>

3. Referrals

Acknowledge your customers and make them feel valuable by sharing referral programmes. These programmes are a simple and efficient approach to locating and connecting with new clients because they allow existing customers to spread the word about your business through the channels they currently use to talk to their friends. One of the SMS templates for travel agency regarding referral programmes is mentioned below:

Hey [First Name], 

We value your trust in us. Your commitment to us as a customer is much appreciated! 

Share this link with 4 friends and unlock this 60% off Mauritius package today: <link> 

[Travel Agency Name]

4. Holiday Package Offers

One of the main purposes of the SMS templates of travel agency is to make your new and old customers aware of any holiday package offers going on. This would make it possible for the audience you are trying to reach to contemplate trip planning and make use of the deals to save a significant amount of money on their vacations. You can use the following template in order to reach out to your customers:

Hello [First Name], 

Enjoy a 4D/3N stay at [destination] with your family for only INR 000. 

Check out the all-inclusive package here: <link>. 

Offer expires in 48 hours.

[Travel Agency Name]

5. Customer Retention

Genuine supporters are an essential component of any successful travel business. It is necessary to maintain a customer’s attention even after they have made a purchase by continuously communicating with them in a manner that is timely, pertinent, and personalised. There are SMS templates of travel agency available for customer retention and one of them is mentioned below:

Hi [First Name], 

We missed you! It has been some time since you made a reservation. 

Here is a special offer* for you: <Link>

*Applicable for 3 months

Make your booking today to take advantage of the special offer!

[Travel Agency Name]

Tips for Writing Effective SMS

If you are ready to start sending messages to your customers using these SMS templates for travel agency, then here are a few tips for writing the perfect SMS copy.

  • Make sure that an opt-out message is included in your text messages, letting your customers know that they can type “STOP” at any time.
  • Keep the text crisp and short.
  • Add human touch to your text messages by including emojis.
  • Avoid including buzzwords and clichés in your messages.
  • Keep the tone friendly without indulging in redundant talks.
  • Make sure that you have proofread the text before sending it to your customers.


Through the use of these SMS templates for travel agency, you are able to reach out to your customers swiftly. From letting them know about any latest deals going on to keeping them updated about your products and services, you can easily connect with your customers with the help of text messaging. 

In addition to messaging their customers directly on their phone numbers by using these SMS templates for travel agency, many businesses have started taking advantage of messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Telegram to reach out to their customers. 

All in all, these SMS templates for travel agency will enable you to keep your customers updated. However, you should also invest in a high-quality website in order to entice your audience further.

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So, what are you waiting for? Start building your travel website and using the above mentioned SMS templates for travel agency to connect with your customers.