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Most Accurate Answer To What Is Business Travel

As per the latest data published by the World Trade Organisation (WTO), almost 30 per cent of all international trips are made for the purpose of business.

In the post-Covid world, international business travel is gradually picking up pace. Soon it will reach the point where it was before the pandemic struck the earth.

One may argue that with the massive advancement in technology, the need for person-to-person has become obsolete. However, as several surveys point out, this is far from the truth.

Even in 2022, travelling for an underlying business reason is as important as ever.

What is Business Travel?

In simplest terms, business travel refers to that kind of travel undertaken to advance official work. This is in contrast to trips that cater to other forms of travel, such as leisure travel or commuting from home to a workplace.

Reasons Behind Business Travel

Now that we have covered the basic understanding of the theme – ‘What is business travel?’, let us now focus on the reasons behind the proliferation of this type of travel.

Helps Solidify Networking

In this age of emails and Skype calls, we may overlook the importance of a face-to-face chat and a warm handshake. But these aspects of business can never be replaced by technology.

Human beings being social animals, one can never rule the power of interpersonal meet-ups in determining the fate of business deals.

Giving a Presentation Involving a Physical Sample

Suppose there is a need for a presentation in which a company representative talks about new samples in front of potential buyers. In this scenario, in-person interaction will work differently than in-person deliberation. So, the chances of the procurers agreeing to purchase the sample would rise rapidly when the presentation is given physically.

To Provide the Personal Touch

Even at the dawn of the twenty-first century, a business meet-up followed by a hearty meal is irrepressible. When a businessperson shows up in front of a client’s door, it showcases the gratitude that one holds for the other. Many business trips are fulfilled with the motive of something similar.

For Higher Chances of Closing a Deal

Business moguls worldwide have been telling us all that the odds of getting a deal over the line increase when two people meet in person. Nothing beats an up close and personal tete-a-tete, not even the most impressive high-resolution computer screen.

Pros and Cons of Business Travel

This blog section will discuss business travel’s main pros and cons. We shall start with the pros first:

Greater Brand Outreach

When expanding your business to newer territories, nothing beats travelling to business events and trade shows on foreign shores. Rather than trying to make inroads into uncharted terrain through the digital interface, it is a far better idea to visit the place physically and initiate an expansion plan from the ground.

Getting to Know and Understand Customers

For a company like Amazon and Pepsi, which are spread across several countries, it is near-impossible to fully understand what changes the people of a particular country would want from their products.

In this scenario, sending a company representative to the target country is far more efficient than talking to someone over the telephone or video.

Gives the Chance to Broaden One’s Mental Universe

Frequent business travellers are more likely to have a more open mindset, and this is because after travelling to different places, one is bound to come across a variety of cultures.

A study has found that frequent business travellers are more likely to learn a foreign language than their office counterparts.

In the last part of our blog about ‘What is business travel?’, we shall look at the possible cons that business travel begets.

Extra Pressure on Company Expenditure

One of the most glaring cons of business travel is the money spent to cover the tour expenditures. If unregulated, a company can suffer from the long-term scenario of having to pay excessive travel bills.

Business Travel Can be Stressful

Although it looks fancy from the outside, travelling to distant locations to secure profitable outcomes for the company can be stressful for the person in question. 

Affect the Level of Productivity

A familiar story with business travellers is their struggle to remain productive while constantly being on the move. From sleepless nights to dysfunctioning electronic devices, being on one’s toes can be very tough while changing locations.

The Need of the Hour is Finding the Right Balance

All said and done, business travel is here to stay. So, to keep everything under control and make the most of it, it becomes crucial to have a thoughtful discussion with all the company’s stakeholders and then decide on a set of business travel guidelines.

Business travel can be highly beneficial for an enterprise with the proper mechanism.