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How The “Book Now, Pay Later” Technique Has Helped Travel Businesses?

Of all the travel and tourism trends that have caught up lately, book now, pay later remains a hot plate of abundance for travel enthusiasts. A part of the ever-growing and innovative BNPL or buy now pay later industry, book now, pay later has been one of the most preferred payment modes that new-age travelers […]

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Why “Welcome Home” Emails Are A Great Marketing Tool For Travel Agents?

Want to upgrade your marketing game to make your existing customers remain loyal? Keep scrolling as we tell you about a secret tool called ‘welcome home emails’. If you too are like any other travel agent, you too must be working your fingers to the bone figuring out top-notch marketing strategies to grab new customers […]

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5 Tips To Set The Right Price Margins For Your Travel Packages

Arriving at the right price margins for travel packages can get tricky. It involves taking into consideration a number of factors and variables that may affect the end cost of your tour services. Given that travel and tourism is an extremely dynamic industry and witnesses cost changes typically with every season, assessing the right price […]

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How to Come Up with a Name For Your Travel Agency?

The advent of the internet era catapulted the tour and travel sector to new heights. Travel agencies have joined the ranks of maps, tour guides, handbooks, and different internet sites where you can order a cab, book a hotel, or locate luggage storage. They all now have websites and smartphone applications. Tourists may now easily […]

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How To Make Travel Packages That Attract Customers

Finding innovative methods to improve your clients’ experiences while enhancing the profitability of your business should constantly be at the forefront of your thoughts as a tour operator. Learning how to make travel packages is a terrific strategy to attract more people and improve trip reservations.  You can cater to the demands of any group […]

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How To Maintain A Customer Database In Your Travel Agency

In all types of industries worldwide, handling customer data safely is of utmost priority. After all, with such information, businesses can easily make data-driven decisions as well. In fact, many famous travel organizations are already accessing their database to create personalized ads and products. But before using this data as an asset, it’s important that […]

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5 Tips To Become A Successful Tour Operator

One thing that’s absolutely crucial in every business is that you should always be open to improvement. Business builds a dynamic environment with the potential to always bring in more customers and be more profitable. The Covid-19 pandemic has shifted the gears in favor of a more modern approach to travel. The tourism industry is […]

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How To Create An Advertising Budget For Your Travel Business

In order to build a successful travel agency, one needs to advertise it adequately. Surveys conducted in the travel and tourism sector show that many travel entities do not spend the necessary amount of resources on the advertising front. The surveys also point out that travel companies make the mistake of channelling their marketing strategies […]

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Top 5 Platforms To Run Travel Agency Ads

If you just stepped into the tourism bandwagon and have kick-started with an official website for your travel agency, you must have noticed that the most challenging part of starting a business is generating customers. With its rising demand and manifold arenas, travelling has proved itself to be a profitable career. But with almost every […]

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Role Of a Tour Operator In Travel Industry

There has been an estimate that the market size of the tour operators industry will grow by 57.2% in the year 2022. The industry is continuously supported by eminent tour operators. As new players are emerging in the market, it is natural to expect further growth in the industry. The role of tour operator in […]