Are you still creating travel vouchers manually?

Still creating travel vouchers manually? Struggle no more as we have found the right way to create travel vouchers automatically and instantly using technology

The travel industry looks glamorous to a traveler. For a traveler, it’s about providing his/her choice of destination, travel dates and budget to the Travel Agent, preparing for the trip and then anticipating the journey ahead with excitement.

However, for a Travel Agent, a lot of effort goes behind designing a tour package; from every single detail in an itinerary to investigating the properties, from booking hotels to road transfers, and the coordination, and that too at a pace that is expected by the Traveler. All this with the end goal of achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction.

What we must not forget is that the final step in designing a tour package is creating a Travel Voucher.



Now, what is a Travel Voucher?

A Travel Voucher acts as a proof of a customer’s right to take a service at a specific time and place. It comes in the form of hotel vouchers, transport (airline or road) vouchers or activity vouchers. By this one must understand how important it is to a traveler. One must have the travel voucher with the right details at all the times to ensure a smooth and secure travel. There should be no room for miscommunication or errors while creating a Travel Voucher.


Should Travel Agents create Travel Vouchers manually or use Technology?

Most of the traditional Travel Agents or the travel influencers create travel vouchers manually. This involves a lot of paperwork, an eye for detail, keeping all previous and last-minute changes in itinerary up to date and doing all of this without committing any error. Perhaps making it more time consuming and vulnerable to human errors, especially in the peak seasons.

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In contrast, over the period, technology has reshaped the processes and changed the way any industry functions. To keep up with the times, one must transition into newer practices bringing in more value to the customer’s experience as well as simplifying their own processes.  

If you are looking for the right way of doing this, then Pathfndr is your ‘go-to’ solution. Pathfndr provides a personal no-code, AI powered Travel Operating System. With the use of Pathfndr’s booking portal one can book any component of travel easily and receive travel vouchers to the registered email ID instantly.


How will Pathfndr assist you?

1.     Pathfndr will help in increasing productivity. One will be able to achieve more in less time.

  • It aims at a quicker turnaround time leading to more conversions.
  • Without increasing the number of people or staff, more queries can be handled.
  • The solution provides automated invoices and travel vouchers for hotels, flights,   intercity vehicles, or activities.

2.     Pathfndr will help in creating an omni-channel presence for growth.

  • The solution provides a digital storefront for customers to plan a complete trip,  book hotels, flights, intercity vehicles or transfers and sightseeing activities.
  • Helping travel designers to advertise digitally to create a new client base.
  • Travel designers will be able to access hotel inventory from across the world.

The good part is that Pathfndr helps Travel Designers of all sizes such as new travel advisors, small agencies, corporates, influencers, and even homemakers. With Pathfndr everyone can automate the process of planning a trip and operate smoothly.

Therefore, if one is still glued to the age-old tradition of manually planning a trip or creating vouchers; it’s time to bring the change in the travel business.


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