How to set up a functional travel website with exceptional features

“A non functional travel website is like a grumpy salesperson.”

It is an established fact that almost all businesses need a website. In case you don’t have a website (or have, yet not an advantageous functional one) and still worried about what are the benefits of having a travel website? Then you are in the right place.

Why is it important to have a functional travel website?

1.  Credibility: An online business provides credibility to your organization. Your website is the first impression that any customer has towards the organization. It is one of the ways by which a customer builds a level of trust within you.

2. Brand Personalisation: A website can be one of the mediums to personalize your brand and services as per your preferences.

3. Knowledge sharing: One can share knowledge related to travel trends, destinations, accommodation, news, etc. Even adding a blog section can help in engaging the customers and help in Search Engine Optimization.

4.  Testimonials: Trust is the most important factor in building relations with customers. By having more client reviews and testimonials over a website makes a good impression on the customer and helps in closing a deal.

5.  Travel Partner Network – A website helps in building its own travel network.

Not just above, but there are many more advantages of having a website in today’s world where one can search anything across the globe over the world wide web.

non functional travel website

But having a website is not as easy as it looks to a common man. The problems that many face are:

  1. A messy code
  2. No security
  3. Broken Links
  4. Poor user experience
  5. Outdated design
  6. Outdated content
  7. Other costs in maintaining a website like domain, hosting, etc

In solving the above issues, many organizations fail in keeping a functional website. A lot of them switch to having just an Instagram or Facebook page but does it solve the purpose? Guess no!

thinking about website

Having a generic website does not solve a Travel Agent or a Travel Influencer’s primary purpose of providing travel packages. Apart from information relation to the company,

A functional travel website must include the following key features: 

1.  Online search and booking engine

For travel agents or influencers managing a tour is quite difficult and curating it even more. But having an intelligent online search & booking engine can ease the process for them to a great extent.

2.  Availability of Travel Components

An online website can provide live/real time availability for hotels, transport, activities that can help in reducing the turnaround time involved in designing a tour package.

3.  Customer Reviews and Company’s Recognitions

You need to build trust with your customers and displaying customer reviews and recognitions is the best way to showcase your services.

4.   Instant Bookings and Confirmation

Customers should be able to instantly book any component of travel and be able to receive trip confirmations and vouchers instantly via email or mobile.  


So here is something that is of your interest.

Imagine having a website that does everything for you without having to code, you can set its UI design, maintain the Logo and host it on a server. Believe it or not, but if there is a Shopify for Travel – it is Pathfndr, your ultimate choice!

Pathfndr will provide you a personalized fully functional website in 3 minutes, and you will not need to code. You will own a website that is AI powered; its intelligent search booking engine allows the customer to not just book individual flights, hotels, activities, or intercity vehicles but also completely plan a trip and generate dynamic tour packages based on their preferences.

Refer to the below image of a website powered by Pathfndr. It includes Plan a Trip, an intelligent search engine booking system by which you can book flights, hotels, activities, transfers, intercity cabs or design a complete trip. One can set the background image, set a logo and place the banner & headline for the homepage. 

pathfndr demo site


Wondering what is a Dynamic Tour Package and how Pathfndr will help you?

In today’s world, the internet has been an essential part of our day to day lives. The internet has also proven itself to be an essential part in the Travel Industry just as any other industry. The latest development of applying one of the Internet’s use cases is dynamic packaging. The dynamic packaging application offers an opportunity to travel agencies to supply various holiday packages to the consumers in real time giving them a competitive edge over their competitors.

Pathfndr’s dynamic packaging applications possess choice, customization, flexibility, security, and real-time characteristics. These specifications are both individually important and they constitute dynamic packaging applications when they are combined.

Pathfndr’s website will give you the following benefits:

1.    Customize and personalize the experience:

With Pathfndr you can customize your website the way you want whether it is using your own Logo or configuring a work email ID. One can showcase or hide content as per their own choice and also upload dynamic tour packages/deals.

2.   Exploration to Bookings:

The only travel website that allows the user to go from high level exploration to end-to-end booking all in a flow. The user can receive trip recommendations from a vague holiday plan, customize the trip as per their preferences/choices and instantly book; receive vouchers over their own email ID within seconds.

3.   Manage Commerce & Offers:

At the backend, you can customize markups on various components of travel, generate coupon codes, deals, provide credit limit to loyal customers and generate invoices.

The following images indicates how a user can design a complete tour in 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Fill in the details like Start Location, Destination (one or multiple), Number of Travelers and Travel Datesstep 1 to build your Pathfndr site
  • Step 2: Pathfndr’s AI based search provides the user a complete itinerary based on his preferences such as “I’m looking for”, “I’d like to stay” and budget for all travelersstep 2 to build your Pathfndr site
  • Step 3: Add another destination or just create an itinerary with a single destinationstep 3 to build your Pathfndr site

There is a famous quote, “the beginning is the most important part of the work on your website”. So begin your journey with Pathfndr by having your no code AI powered Travel Operating System. Launch your website in minutes, with the most innovative travel search features in the world.  

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