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How To Start A Tours And Travels Company In India 

If you’re thinking about entering the highly lucrative industry of travel and tourism, the first step is to learn more about how to start a tours and travels company in India.


Find your ideal business structure for incorporation

If you intend to start a travel company, you first have to identify your business plan. Do you want to function as an individual proprietor or open a partnership firm? Listed below are a few business structures under which a travel agency can function – 

Whenever you select your preferred company incorporation, you should read about the advantages and disadvantages of each structure. This is because all these structures come with their own liability fencing setups and personal asset protection that can help you in the long run. 

Get yourself a travel-friendly name

Before you learn the intricacies of how to get a tours and travels license, you should get yourself a fun, travel-friendly name. The name of your company should be unique and should set you apart from your competitors. It should also signify the area of expertise that your company provides. 

For instance, MakeMyTrip is a travel company focused on selling holiday packages, is a hotel aggregator, and Airbnb provides access to homestays. All of these travel companies have a name that defines their business model and offerings. 

Setup your office location

While you don’t have to set up an office right away, you can take a look at co-working spaces that offer an address for your company. This way, you won’t have to spend time and money on finding an ideal location. Instead, you will be able to start your travel agency without worrying about infrastructure costs and other entities required to run a business. 

Register for a trademark

Your only concern now should be to get your business up and running, and into the world. To brand yourself and your business, you should register for a trademark. Considering that the travel and tourism industry is highly competitive, you need a brand that can make it! 

Your company’s trademark will act as the face of your business. It will also prevent other companies from stealing your name or promoting offers under your name. Once you have a trademark in place, you can set up an online booking platform, connect with contractors, promote your company on social media, and interact with customers. 

Start sending people on holiday! 

When you open a travel agency, your main aim is to help travellers travel better! For this, you will require the online infrastructure needed to make bookings, manage logistics, and offer discounts. Not only this, you will have to create social media accounts on different channels to start promoting all the services that you offer. While you’re doing that, you will have to focus on your website’s design and functionality so that it attracts more customers. You will also have to keep it up-to-date and avoid overbookings. 

In case you’re looking for a platform to help you manage your travel business, you should check out Pathfndr. It’s an AI-powered travel operating system designed for travel agencies of all sizes. With its help, you can design a travel aggregator website that consists of all available inventory, reduced prices, and great customer service.


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