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How to Choose the Color Palette for Your Travel Website for Free

Your website colour palette is key to attract an audience

If you are planning to run your own travel website on the internet, then it is absolutely necessary that you use a smart color palette. A travel website built using a smart receptive design will automatically attract greater online traffic.

And since color is one of the fundamental elements of web design, the color palette that you employ for your travel website will go a long way in determining how your visitors feel and think about your online travel portal.

According to an online survey, more than half of the respondents answered that they would not go back to a site that contains below-par looks. When we are talking about ‘color palette for website’, we are essentially dealing with the manner in which website developers apply the power of colors to win over clients. The combination of colors seen on a website has a great impact on the mind of an online browser.

In fact, colors are instrumental when someone is branding their product. Under these circumstances, it becomes imperative that the people who are operating a travel agency take special note of how to manage a ‘color palette for website’.

By taking cognizance of the benefits that smart color management on a travel website can accrue for the whole travel company, anyone heading a travel agency can witness significantly improved online engagement rates.


Color Palette for your Travel Website: The Benefits

In simple terms, a color palette for a website is an amalgamation of various digital colors that web architects utilize to design websites on the internet. When you have used a superior color combination for your website, naturally it will become more legible, attractive, as well as identifiable to web browsers at any given time.

On the flip side, an inferior selection of colors will give way to a negative user experience, leading to a higher bounce rate of your travel website. In the following section of this Pathfndr travel blog, we will go through some of the benefits of utilizing a sharp ‘color palette for website’, to be applied to your travel website.


The Color Palette Enhances the Legibility of Your Travel Website

When you opt for an intelligent color choice, your travel website inadvertently becomes way better than before. To achieve the level that will get you a great many site visitors, setting up a proper color contrast between the background and the text of the website becomes ever so vital.

This is needed to reduce eye strain when your online visitors are going through the contents of your travel website. An age-old time and tested color combination is black and white. This creates the perfect balance between the text, which appears in black, and the white background, and subsequently puts the text under the radar.


Your Color Palette will Raise Brand Awareness for Your Travel website

When you put enough time and energy into deciding on the perfect color combination suitable for your travel agency website, then the results will be equally impressive. The unique color setup that you will put in place for your website will allow online browsers to remember your site for a longer period of time.

Even though it may not be the case that first-time visitors to your travel website will immediately become your clients, they would most likely get impressed by the overall get-up of your site. This will automatically raise the chances of some, if not all, coming back to your site to avail of your services at a later date.

As per several online surveys, the novelty of fluid color combination has the ability to catapult the brand recognition of your travel brand by a whopping 80 percent. So, once someone comes across your travel website, they would feel that they have to the right place. 

As the owner of a travel company, your task will be to direct the marketing team to make sure all promotional activities are based on the primary colors that define your brand. This should be done to facilitate the development of associations between your travel agency and your clientele.

Most of you must be aware of the marketing scheme of global soft drink giant Coca-Cola. They have been using their iconic red color for the past many years to promote and enter new markets across the face of this planet. All their advertisements, print or electronic or elsewhere, including their official website, and allied assets, all use the same red color to drive their company targets. It has worked wonders for them since the time of their inception.


It Greatly Influences the Perception of Online Users

One of the simplest features of design that can be comprehended by a large chunk of the populace is color. When someone looks at a travel website with an appealing color combination, it straightaway stimulates their brain. These colors on their part stroke certain emotional patterns in human minds, and this is one of the ways in which products are marketed in the public domain.

More than 90 percent of respondents in an online survey have said that they give weightage to a product’s physical appearance and color more than all other features. In another survey, around 83 percent of respondents declared that color happens to be the chief source of inspiration when they are on the verge of purchasing an item.


It Highlights the Elements of Your Website

By adequately using the right colors on your travel website, you can fixate the attention of users on specific elements on your website such as testimonials boxes or discount coupons. The target should be to make the distinct features of your travel website stand out from the background.

This will enable users to spot the uniqueness of the site, and then take the time to have a good look at what your travel company has to offer them. Highlighting the CTA button by using a bright color can be an astute stance in attracting the glance of potential clients.


A consistent Color Palette Elevates User Engagement 

Apart from highlighting the text on the travel website’s page, and affecting user perception positively, the correct selection of ‘color palette for website’ greatly increases user engagement. When you opt for the ideal color scheme for your site, you ensure that users spend enough time checking out all that your site has in store.

And the more time they spend on your site, the bigger chance that they go ahead and purchase a service.


Color Palette for your Travel Website: Take Your Business to the Next Level

When you are trying to fashion a captivating travel website, take the initiative to mobilize the power of the internet to find the best color scheme suitable for its design. To achieve that, you do not require to spend a lot of money.

That is because the internet provides top-notch websites that give you a wide variety of color choices for free. To help you with selecting the color scheme of your choice, we have listed the top websites that will give you a bagful of options free of cost.

Adobe Colour

With Adobe Colour, you can explore an existing set of colors and then create your personal style. This is an advanced online tool trusted by thousands of website developers worldwide. It is one of the highest-rated color palette generators and receives rave reviews on a regular basis from online ranking agencies.


Next on our list is Khroma, which serves a remarkable range of color palettes to suit your taste. Developed by noted product designer George Hastings, Khroma understands your choices in color selection with the help of machine learning, and then works out distinct and personalized color schemes for you. 


Coolors is another top-rated professional tool that comes in very handy in fine-tuning the color scheme of your choice. This online generator is quick to bring out the colors that would best suit the travel website that you are engaged in. You will be able to upload an image to Coolor’s site and then extract a color scheme out of the same.

Color Tool – Material Design

A design system from the house of Google, Material Design includes several beneficial resources like a free icon pack and plenty of other free fonts. Color Tool is one segment within the larger Material Design, and it has been customized to help website developers test how a particular color palette will look as part of a user interface design.


Suppose you have zeroed in on one specific color of your liking and would like to center your color palette around that, then ColourSpace is the online tool for you. Once you have entered its website, simply select the color that you prefer over others using a color wheel. After that, you have to click on the button ‘Generate’ to find the color combinations of your choice right in front of you.


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