Travel Agency vs Online Booking – Which Is Better?

You have your trip itinerary planned, your travel dates are finalized, and now you only need to book your travel tickets. How do you do that now? A pretty obvious action would be to go for a quick search on your web browser. Isn’t it?  Unlike today, a few years ago, you would have had […]

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Why Should Travel Agencies Get An Insurance

As travelers, we have always heard about the importance of getting travel insurance before the trip. After all, these insurance plans can financially cover various kinds of risks, including flight cancellation, medical emergencies, etc. Similarly, it’s equally important to get insurance for travel agency as well.  While it may sound a bit unnecessary at first, […]

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Types of Tour Operators

A huge number of tourists travel each year, exploring the snow-clad mountains, lush green forests, bustling cities and crystal-clear oceans across the world. Though, it can be a hassle to make trip arrangements, only to end up finding overpriced flights, shady hotels, and uncertain weather forecasts. There are different types of tour operators available that […]

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How To Travel For Cheap?

In this Pathfndr article, we shall closely examine how to travel cheap to the places of your dreams. Once you are aware of the tips we will share with you, it will be your call to pick one, a few, or all of the beautiful ways in which travel can be accomplished without spending too […]

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10 Most Profitable Types Of Tourism

The travel industry is one of the most profitable avenues of revenue in the current age. As the world is getting digitised rapidly, more and more people are getting access to far-flung regions of the planet with less hassle. No wonder the rate of footfalls in the major tourist sites worldwide is seeing a steep […]

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Most Accurate Answer To What Is Business Travel

As per the latest data published by the World Trade Organisation (WTO), almost 30 per cent of all international trips are made for the purpose of business. In the post-Covid world, international business travel is gradually picking up pace. Soon it will reach the point where it was before the pandemic struck the earth. One […]

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Email Marketing For Travel Agencies

The empowerment that travel brings to one’s personality and life in general needs no introduction. It is known to have transformed the most divergent of minds, adding new perspectives to the nonchalance of humanity.  Lately, traveling caught up quite fast among people across demographics until the setback brought in by the Covid-19 induced limitations. But […]

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20 Best Travel Agencies in New York

The travel industry is worth about $5.81 trillion globally. More than a billion people travel every year to a tourist destination, either domestically or internationally. As a travel agency in New York, it is not easy to stand out when there are new agencies cropping up each week. While a vacation sounds nice, the logistical […]

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The Simplest Travel Agency Meaning

About 1.4 billion people travel each year, and a travel agency plays a major role in executing these travel plans. But you may wonder what a travel agency meaning is and what it stands for. A travel agency is a private service provider that offers travel and tourism related facilities. Some of the main services […]

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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs For Travel Lovers

Are you someone who carves for the wanderlust? Ever thought of travelling around the globe while earning a good amount of money? Sounds too good to be true? Absolutely not! This blog will discuss the top 10 highest-paying jobs for travel lovers. So sit back and take the time out of your schedule to enjoy […]