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Travel Agencies in Bangalore

Popular as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’, Bangalore has slowly transformed into a tourism hub, attracting a wide range of tourists from across the country. Moreover, with the rising income of the Bangaloreans, they have been stepping out of their houses to explore the bustling markets, rolling hills, steep trails and sandy beaches. Naturally, there has been a surge in the demand for travel agencies in Bangalore that can offer end-to-end services and come up with creative travel solutions to help them plan their trips.

Some of the popular travel agencies in Bangalore that offer experiential holiday packages and other eminent services are listed below:

Travel Bird Vacations

Whether you’d like to book a flight to the panoramic beaches of Phuket or explore a charming hamlet nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, TBV makes it a hassle-free affair for you to plan a memorable trip. One of the best travel agencies in Bangalore, they offer an extensive range of services to their customers including flight booking, reserving suitable accommodation, visa assistance, amazing holiday packages, bus booking and excellent cruise packages.

Karnataka Travels

Explore the picture-perfect landscape of Karnataka dotted with gurgling waterfalls, rolling hills, misty routes, revered temples and palaces belonging to the bygone eras. From opting for packages to explore bustling cities such as Bangalore and Mysore to embarking on a heritage trail in North Karnataka, there is no dearth of options available at Karnataka Travels, one of the leading travel agencies in Bangalore. Not to mention, you can also opt for their temple tours across Karnataka.

Sonys Travel

From the crystalline waters of Goa and the snow-clad mountains of Himachal to the skyscrapers of Dubai and the dense forests of Bali, Sonys Travel, one of the best travel agencies in Bangalore, offers both domestic and international packages so that you can make memories that last a lifetime. You can also reserve your flight tickets via their online platform.

Jagadish Tours

Whether you enjoy the feeling of adrenaline rushing through your veins or would simply like to unwind in the lap of luxury, Jagadish tours, one of the top-rated travel agencies in Bangalore, offers a variety of holiday packages that will suit your preference. You can also take advantage of other top-notch services offered by Jagadish tours including reserving accommodation, visa assistance and bureau de change service.

Desired Destinations

To help you plan your trip without any hassle, Desired Destinations offers an extensive range of travel services including flight booking, car rentals and choosing a suitable accommodation option. From the white-sand beaches of Andaman to the panoramic vistas of European countries, Desired Destinations, one of the most popular travel agencies in Bangalore, offers a variety of holiday packages to cover both domestic and international sites.

Beleast Travels

Allow Beleast Travels, one of the leading travel agencies in Bangalore, to plan an unforgettable trip for you. Search for the right accommodation option, rent a car or opt for a well-designed cruise package with the help of Beleast Travels. Not to mention, you can also go for domestic as well as international tour packages designed by Beleast Travels travel experts.

Armen Tours & Travels

Counted among the top travel agencies in Bangalore, Armen Tours & Travels covers the ghats of North India as well as the crystal-clear backwaters of South India. They specialize in offering packages for families, groups, school students as well as couples. In addition to owning a fleet of 20 luxury coaches, Armen Tours & Travels also offers a range of other services including ticket reservation, cruise bookings, vehicles on hire and arranging MICE tours.

Travel Comfort

If you are an ardent explorer who would like to cover the traditional and heritage sites of India as well as explore foreign territories and immerse yourself in different cultures, then you must take advantage of the holiday packages offered by Travel Comfort. Considered to be among the best travel agencies in Bangalore, they offer an extensive range of holiday packages covering various sections including wildlife, adventure, luxury and culture. Their skilled staff also offers reliable visa services to tourists.

Air Ticket & Holidays

From the incredible destinations of North India to the verdant landscape of South India, Air Tickets & Holidays is one of the most popular travel agencies in Bangalore that provides exceptional travel packages to customers. They also help you with booking bus tickets covering about 1000+ routes across India, reserving an accommodation option or booking a flight.


Opt for tailor-made holiday packages covering India as well as all the major countries across the world. This one-stop destination for tourists also provides a variety of other travel-related services including currency exchange services and visa services. Noted among the eminent travel agencies in Bangalore, Kesari also provides packages for group tours, speciality tours, corporate tours and cruise tours.

Travel Manager Holidays

This is one of the contemporary travel agencies in Bangalore that offers end-to-end services to customers to make the process of planning a trip quite easy. They can assist you with hotel reservations, travel insurance, passport assistance, reserving flight tickets, visa processing and amendments of international tickets.

GT Holidays

Counted among the top travel agencies in Bangalore, GT Holidays believes in not only offering unparalleled assistance but providing you with experiential travel solutions. From covering every nook and cranny of India to exploring uncharted international lands, GT Holidays offer an extensive range of packages to customers. They also provide opulent accommodation options for a dreamy vacation amid nature.

Tejas Tours and Travels

One of the best travel agencies in Bangalore, Tejas Tours and Travels allows you to explore spellbinding South India, ranging from its dense forests and cascading waterfalls to intricate architecture and awe-inspiring palaces. They also assist you with planning corporate trips for a memorable team outing. You can book cabs, buses, tempo travellers and minibuses for a comfortable journey.


This is among the most notable travel agencies in Bangalore that allows you to book a domestic holiday package, ranging from the age-old forts of Rajasthan and bustling streets of Amritsar to the natural wonders of the Himalayan villages as well the beachy destinations of the country. You can also go for international tour packages offered by them. Other services provided by them include flight reservation, booking a hotel room, currency exchange, visa service and more.

Sandesh Tours and Travels

From the verdant meadows of Wayanad and rolling hills of Ooty to the backwaters of Alleppey and beaches of Varkala, Sandesh Tours and Travels, one of the distinguished travel agencies in Bangalore, offers a variety of well-designed holiday packages to see the picture-perfect tourist sites of South India. They also provide amazing bus tours as well as allow you to hire a cab for an outstation trip.

Big Routes

In addition to providing lavish holiday packages, Big Routes, which is one of the most influential travel agencies in Bangalore, also offers a variety of services including visa processing, documents/visa check, passport renewal, ticketing and bureau de-change.

Bangalore Classic Tours and Travels

One of the most acclaimed travel agencies in Bangalore, they provide a variety of holiday packages for wildlife enthusiasts, honeymoon couples, religious tourists, mountain lovers and more. You can also reserve flight tickets or hotels via their online website.

Sushant Travels

One of the top travel agencies in Bangalore, Sushant Travels offers domestic tour packages across the country as well as international tour packages covering picturesque countries across the world. They also arrange taxi services as well as airport pickup for customers.

Get My Tour

Counted among the notable travel agencies in Bangalore, Get My Tour offers international holiday packages for a variety of tourist destinations including the lavish buildings of Dubai, the white-sand beaches of the Maldives, the bustling lanes of Singapore as well as the lush green forests of Bali. 

Yatrik Network

As a travel enthusiast, it’s natural to want to explore the rich heritage of domestic sites as well as the technologically-advanced landscape of international sites. Besides domestic and international tour packages, The Yatrik Network, which is one of the most prominent travel agencies in Bangalore, also allows you to book your flight tickets at the best prices.

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