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Top 50 Micro & Macro Travel Influencers in 2022

Looking for travel influencers? Find the top 50 travel influencers on Instagram in 2022 based on the number of followers they have. 

Setting up your travel plans for the year 2022? Not sure how to go about it? Look no further! This blog will give you a clear picture of what the world\’s top travel influencers are doing to make their lives colorful and adventurous. Now you too can take a leaf out of their book and become expert decision-makers regarding your travel plans.

One may ask, \’What is a travel influencer?\’ Travel influencers are those individuals who go around the world sharing their travel experiences with an internet audience. Whether snorkeling in the ocean\’s crystal-clear waters, surfing on the humongous waves at Hawaii or standing atop the snow-capped peaks of the Alps, these adrenaline-pumped dreamcatchers go the extra mile to bring us those perfectly aligned shots!

Let\’s look at what the 50 influencers we have carefully curated for you have told us through their profiles.

Travel Influencers with up to 10K Followers

1. Cailin Oneil – @cailinoneil

Based in Nova Scotia, Canada, Cailin Oneil is an up-and-coming travel influencer. She has her own travel blog where she routinely talks about her traveling experiences and shares breathtaking photographs for her followers to cherish. Having left her footsteps in over 47 countries so far, Cailin is a contributor to several websites.

2. Alyshia – @agirl.enroute

Alyshia hails from Toronto, Canada, and is quite a popular figure when it comes to travel influence and adventure. She shares her stories on her blog, named \’\’

3. Chloe Todd – @chloektodd

This Australian travel influencer is based in Adelaide. Chloe has a weakness for dogs as she believes they bring oodles of joy and has a great passion for the outdoors, and she keeps uploading spectacular pictures on her Insta feed.

4. Vicky – @vickyflipflop

A former journalist, the UK-based travel enthusiast cum influencer spends her time capturing moments in festivals, eateries, and the like. You can visit her blog \’\’ to enjoy a plethora of magical experiences.

5. Owen – @earthexpedition

This Canadian blogger cum photographer mesmerizes his audience with his masterful pictures of the places he keeps visiting from time to time.

6. Lucy – @absolutelylucy

Living in a van never gets better when you are traveling around the world at the same time. This is what our next travel influencer does for a living. Lucy Ruthnum loves to visit new countries by herself and share her life on her blog, \’\’ Lucy has published a book titled \’50+ Easy Ways To Save Up To 10 K Pounds For Travel\’ and has seen writing getting printed on The Independent.

7. Gemma and Cambell – @highlandstohammocks

What better way to see the world than having your loved one next to you in all instances? When it comes to Gemma and Cambell, a Scottish couple, this is precisely what they have been doing for a while now. With almost 10 K followers on Instagram, the lovebirds chronicle their adventurous journeys across the United Kingdom on their Insta feed.

8. Tasha Ryland – @tasharyland

Tasha is not just a travel influencer but also a lifestyle influencer. A nurse by profession, Tasha utilizes her great sense of style to create excellent content for her fans and followers. A believer in living life to the fullest, Tasha constantly encourages her fanbase to explore nature and delve into its many wonders. 

9. Ruth Rieckehoff – @tanama_tales

Ruth, a Californian by residence, goes for the places that are usually outside the familiar trails. In her quest to find inspiration in her travels, Ruth beautifully writes down her journeys in her blog.

10. Jackie Mesa – @jackiemesa

Jackie is a fun-to-be-around and easy-going young traveler who brings a lot of energy to her colorful content materials. 

Travel Influencers with 10K – 50K Followers

1. Lisa Niver – @wesaidgotravel

Lisa Niver has an incredible resume and has been to 101 countries across 6 continents. The award-winning travel hotshot has several leaves up her sleeve. You will find entertaining content relating to her travels on her blog, YouTube channel, and on Instagram.

2. ChelseaKauai – @chelseakauai

Chelsea comes from the lush green islands of Hawaii on the Pacific Ocean. Her tailor-made posts, reels, and videos are breathtaking, to say the least. Catch all her latest content on her Insta feed and YouTube channel.

3. Monish B – @aqualibratraveler

Monisha B has unparalleled style and panache. The Boston-based travel blogger uses her keen sense of color, Monisha B, easily captures her followers\’ imagination. The high content engagement rate that she puts herself into, which stands at 9.49 %, cements her place as one of the charismatic travel influencers out and about on the horizon.

4. Chelsea PeCoy – @chelseapecoy

Freelance model and travel blogger Chelsea PeCoy comes with a fresh dose of energy and positivity. She keeps herself busy by working with top modeling agencies as well as fulfilling her desire for globetrotting. Watch out for her YouTube videos to get a serving of her sparkling character.

5. Darling Coco – @darlingcoco

Forever passionate about traveling, Darling Coco quit her full-time photography job and opted to put all her time and energy into something that she truly loved. Lo and behold! The fashion blogger now has a massive following on the social media space, where she connects the two worlds of fashion and travel. What\’s more! You can buy her choice of attires from the store she runs on her blog.

6. Fahira Fazlic- @zlicc

Straight out of the world\’s fashion capital, Paris, Fahira Fazlic will razzle and dazzle you with her chic sense of style. She combines that with her adventurous head-outs all over the world. Don\’t forget to check her online gift store while browsing through her unique travel posts.

7. Crystal Egan – @castawaywithcrystal

Known variously as a \’tree hugger\’ and an \’animal whisperer\’, Crystal Egan is always on the lookout for culturally rich locations. Be it the interior of the Taj Mahal or an anonymous waterfall somewhere in Mexico, you will find an exotic touch in every destination she decides to visit. Go through her blog to get foolproof suggestions to make your trips even more memorable.

8. Sofia Krarad – @sofiakrarad

Sofia works as a flight attendant and makes the most of it! She lives her dream life and always tells her followers to \’chase one\’s dreams.\’ Even though you will not find a lot of content in her Insta account, she makes it a point to post top-notch photos of her many voyages.

9. Wendy – @wenwensong

Focusing on sustainability, Wendy indulges in mindful traveling. Trained as a photographer, it is no wonder then that her still photographs are artful and dazzling. You can also find her travel stories in her blog, where she writes about her experiences in places such as the Maldives, Iceland, and the US. 

10. Suzanne Jones – @thetravelbunny

UK-based Suzanne Jones promotes adventure travel and different types of cuisine through Instagram and her blog. Focused on the details of the places she visits, Suzanne makes it a point to post multiple posts on a single location to provide her followers with the nitty-gritty of a destination.

Travel Influencers with 50K to 100K Followers

1. Trevor Daneliuk – @hitch_live

A vlogger and a prolific traveler, Trevor Daneliuk could be seen hitchhiking his way around countries all over the world. He films his journeys and uploads the content on Twitch using the handle\’ hitch_live.\’ He has gathered almost 98K followers on Twitch, thanks to the brilliant content he creates for his fans. He has set foot in 34 countries and completed more than 1,700 rides via hitchhikes.

2. Vale @vval_e

Fitness enthusiast cum adventure-traveler Vale is a certified holistic lifestyle coach. She looks for harmony through her many travels around the world. 

3. Alizee Paradis – @electricalizee

A model by profession, Alizee Paradis knows how to make the most of life. A former tennis player, she owns a hotel in Italy and is also through with the finance world. Follow her on Instagram or any other of her social media profiles to get a glimpse of her effervescent life. 

4. Kate McCueely – @adventurouskate

Traveling alone, Kate has already left her mark in 83 countries. Listed as a Forbes \’Top 10 Travel Influencer\’, Kate clicks mind-boggling pictures, which she regularly uploads on her Insta account. 

5. Alexandra Baackes – @alexinwanderland

Having been to countries such as France, Lebanon, Israel, and Mexico, Alexandra loves traveling the globe by herself. Clicking pictures along the way, this vivacious adventure-seeker is also into yoga. 

6. Nadine Sykora – @heynadine

A prolific vlogger, Nadine has made over fifteen hundred posts on Instagram. You will find her videos on YouTube, where she beautifully narrates her travel experiences.

7. Annete White – @bucketlistjourney

For Annete White, living by a travel bucket list is imperative! With almost 100 K followers on Instagram, Annette makes it a point to address her life\’s mission to fulfill all the plans she has conjured up on her bucket list. 

8. Aileen Adalid – @i_am_aileen

This young globetrotter from the Philippines has over 60 destinations under her belt. With a net worth of over $3 million, who says following your dreams won\’t make you rich?

9. Claudia Tabani – @myadventuresacrosstheworld

Describing herself as a \’travel addict\’, Claudia Tabani can never stop her heart from desiring another journey to a new country. Enamored equally by the food, culture, and natural beauty of the places she visits, Claudia captures her moments on her blog and the Instagram handle.

10. Karilyn – @nobackhome

Karilyn, 30, has already visited almost 40 countries. Even after becoming a mother to a son, she has not stopped her quest to fulfill her dream of globetrotting the whole world.

Travel Influencers with 100K to 500K Followers

1. Elona Karafin – @elona

Elona Karafin makes full use of her sharp aesthetic sense to put up exquisite photos on her Instagram feed. She is an expert storyteller who connects to her followers by recreating the moments she experienced in her travels through beautifully crafted words.

2. Anna Karsten – @anna.everywhere

Have you ever dreamed of visiting 100 countries? Our next travel influencer is speeding towards that milestone. She has already been to 91 countries as of 2022 and has published her travelogs in notable publications such as The New York Times, The Huffington Post, and The Daily Mail. Having a net worth of around $ 5 million, the superstar travel influencer has made many cities her home along the way.

3. Stefano Cicchini – @stefano_cicchini

Food blogger and travel influencer Stefano Cucchini comes from Italy and has been included in Buzzoole\’s list of ‘250 Best Italian Content Creator.\’ To spice up his travel indulgences, Stefano partnered with Formula E to cover the first race undertaken by the governing body in Rome recently.

4. Ava Roxanne – @spatravelgal

In the field of luxury travel, Ava Roxanne takes center stage. An expert in talking about spa experiences around the globe, Ava fills up her blog and Instagram feed with her diverse luxury travel stories.

5. Hildegunn Taipale – @Hilvees

This Norway-based travel influencer tags along with her husband to tread on uncharted lands across the globe. With over fourteen hundred posts on her Instagram page, her fame is naturally on the rise.

6. Eric Rubens – @erubes1

One look at Eric Rubens\’s content will make you go \’wow!\’ Edging toward the offbeat travel destinations, Eric keeps going back to places surrounded by a sense of wonder and mystique. This South Carolinian has already made it to Business Insider\’s list of \’Instagram\’s Top Instagram Travel Influencers.\’

7. Lauren Bath – @laurenpbath

Declared as \’Australia\’s first professional Instagrammer\’ by the Australian press, chef-turned-Instagrammer Lauren Bath scores on all fronts. Putting her chef hat away, Lauren ultimately moved into travel influencing, which has worked wonders for her. She has worked with the biggest brands in the country, for example, Olympus Australia, Travel Insurance Direct, and VAIL Resorts. 

8. Oliver Vegas – @ovunno

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Oliver Vegas concentrates mainly on his photographic skills to capture vivid images. He has almost 500 k followers on Instagram, which speaks for itself about his popularity.

9. Krumble – @krumble

When you mix travel with food, it is said that you get magic! This is precisely what Keira Rumble has been cooking since she began her food and travel influencer journey. You can get your hands on the delicacies that she sells online by clicking on the link she provides on her Instagram account.

10. Chris Hau – @thechrishau

Linked with Google and Mercedes Benz, Chris Hau is all about quality content. An avid YouTuber, Chris\’s videos speak volumes about his creative talent and vision.

Travel Influencers with More Than 500K Followers

In the fifth and last section, we have for you the superstar travel influencers who sit atop the summit of celebrity travel influencers. These incredibly sought-after individuals belong to a different level altogether when it comes to influencing people in travel and lifestyle trends. Naturally, these trendsetters boast of amassing more than 500K followers on Instagram, with most of their profiles showing more than a million followers. They are the ultimate of the travel influence industry.

1. Jannik Obenhoff – @jaanikobenhoff

Being a member of the largest photography community in Europe, \’German Roamers\’, a lot is expected of Jannik Obenhoff. And guess what? He delivers every time with his gorgeous array of nature photographs. Tune into his vlogs on YouTube to understand his vision for traveling the world.

2. Haley Dasovich – @haleytakesontheworld

This upbeat Californian creates inspirational content for her followers. She puts catchy captions next to her videos and pictures to instantly get anyone hooked. 

3. Murad Osmann – @muradossman

One of the world\’s top travel influencers, Murad Osmann, has been recognized by Forbes Magazine in its \’Top 3 List of Travel Influencers\’. He travels the world with his wife Natalia and together creates mesmerizing pictures. The couple became famous following their \’# followmeto\’ campaign. Pictures taken during this tour have been exhibited in the iconic Times Square in New York City and at Art Basel, to name a few places. With followership on the brink of touching 4 million on Instagram, Murad and Nathalia Osmann are the unofficial \’King\’ and \’Queen\’ of travel influence.

4. Chris Burkard – @chrisburkard

Chris Burkard distinguishes himself from fellow travel influencers by taking the aerial route, and his signature style is that of clicking stunning shots from higher up the horizon. If you follow Chris on Instagram, you will realize the love that Chris harbors for the natural world.

5. Jennifer Tuffen – @izkiz

For someone who did her schooling in its entirety at international schools, it won\’t come as a surprise that UK-born Jennifer Tuffen\’s fascination for everything foreign began at a very young age. Later, she took note of her superior photographic skills and ushered in her tryst with Instagram. In no time, she had tons of followers. Presently, Jennifer can be seen embellishing her account with all sorts of details about traveling, from the best hotels to hidden locations.

6. Jack Morris – @doyoutravel

One-half of a travel influencer couple, Jack Morris, hops around the world with his partner Lauren Bullen (@gypsea_lust.) Known to be bohemian in outlook, Jack Morris is currently based in Bali, Indonesia.

7. The Bucket List Family – @thebucketlistfamily

Known for their \’family-themed\’ ideas, \’The Bucket List Family\’ is arguably the most famous travel influencer family active out there today. Garrett and Jessica Gee, along with their three children, are no less than celebrities in the world of travel influence.

8. Tuula Vintage – @tuulavintage

Australian travel influencer Jessica Stein is an advocate for children with rare diseases. As a mother to a child with special needs, Jessica shares travel advice and tips for families who have to take care of their special kids while traveling.

9. Alex Strohl – @alexstrohl

Travel influencer, photographer, teacher, and filmmaker Alex Strohl is a man with many faces. He treats his followers on Instagram with his fantastic range of photographs of mountains, some of which have been published by Vanity Fair, Gentleman\’s Journal, and Forbes Magazine. 

10. Danial Kordan – @danielkordan

If you want to seriously get blown away by surreal pictures, check out Daniel Kordan\’s Instagram account. He captures dreamlike images with his camera, all the while telling the incredible travel stories that are associated with them. He is one of the few travel influencers who have been to the continent of Antarctica.

After going through all this, you may wonder how to be a travel influencer yourself. We are not blaming you. Because it would be worth the try! Who wouldn\’t want to explore the world having no strings attached to any one place?

If you are seriously considering the travel influence industry, first and foremost, don\’t try to get into the travel influence industry solely to earn money. That is not why most of the people you have come across in this article are active in this field. You should do it for the love of it.

Becoming a travel influencer is not just about immersing in an excellent hobby. And it is more like a way of life. Influencers need to work hard to catch followers\’ attention and keep holding on to that for a long time.

If you are still convinced that you are cut out for it, why not start by exploring your own town or city? It will give you a great idea of what it takes to become an influencer in the real world. Do not forget to bring your camera along.

To get an in-depth idea of what it takes to join the league of travel influencers, click on how to become a travel influencer